Hello mates!

It's time for a haul! This time I got a package from Junkyard including clothes, accessories and a pair of shoes of my choice. I've been collaborating with Junkyard for a


long time now and I specially love Junkyard for their sporty streetwear. You can also find a lot of sportswear, sneakers etc.


This time I chose these two puffy winter jackets that I especially love for they are warm and being puffy they make your legs look slim! The black jacket suits nearly every outfit and when I feel girly or want to look cute I put on the baby pink version of the jacket.


Anybody else crazy about furry jackets? I am! I own about 5 faux fur jackets in different colors and lenghts since they are easy to combine to different outfits and I just love furry jackets.


In addition to sporty streetwear you can also find cozy, everyday wear as well. This college dress can be a cozy home outfit or you can rock it with thigh high boots! I'm more into rocking, fancy outfits and I love how sexy the outfit can be even though the dress might seem saggy, plain and huge! It's all about how you combine other clothes and accessories with the dress and how you carry yourself!

In addition to these choices I got three suede caps in different colors and two t-shirts with plain logos.

What do you think of my choices? :)